Reproductive Reiki Reflex

Reproductive Reiki Reflex


Everyone’s fertility journey is different, we are all unique.
Reproductive Reiki Reflex creates a tailored treatment plan for each couple or individual trying to conceive. Treatment plans start at the very beginning of the fertility journey and if desired are there to support and continue throughout pregnancy right up to the birth.
Reiki & Reflexology are used to support each individual, to reduce stress and anxiety, balance hormones, acknowledge past pregnancies and work alongside conventional medical care. I am so grateful to those that allow me to be part of their fertility journey!

Why Reproductive Reiki Reflex?


Reproductive Reiki Reflex offers support through every stage of your fertility journey using Reiki and Reflexology. Reproductive Reiki Reflex uses the two therapies in a unique treatment plan that is tailor made for the individual to reduce stress, balance hormones and work alongside conventional medical care such as oral medicine through to IVF.
I am dedicated to helping others in what can be a very difficult time, offering a place to talk about things you may not want to share with others, supporting you from the start of your journey, throughout pregnancy and beyond.

It is amazing to see when people improve their own health and wellbeing, to see ladies start cycles they never had, to see an individual go from stress, anxiety, sadness to feelings of calm and enjoyment. Getting that phone call to confirm a pregnancy or an email of the latest scan picture tops this off, but nothing is more rewarding than the messages and photos of a new and healthy baby with their loving and happy parents. These positive results continue to drive my passion to help and support clients in whatever their fertility journey may involve.


Reproductive Reiki Reflex creates a tailored treatment plan for each couple or individual trying to conceive


Can help to encourage deep relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, heal past traumas such as miscarriages, release energy blockages, support you emotionally through IVF, continue through pregnancy and prepare for the birth.


Can help to rebalance the mind & body, kick start the body’s natural ability to heal itself, balance hormones, improve health and well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, remove toxins and excess fluid, improve digestion and circulation, compliment medical treatments such as Clomid, IVF, ICSI, IUI. It can support the ever changing body through pregnancy and help to prepare both the body and mind for the birth.

REPRODUCTIVE REIKI REFLEX - £20 Consultation followed by £40 per one hour session

Each client / couple will start with a thorough consultation to discuss what treatments are best suited for them in order to complement their personal health and well-being. This will include looking at any past test results and existing treatments such as oral medication, IVF etc.
The treatment plan would ideally start with weekly treatments for a month, followed by fortnightly treatments with the aim to eventually move to once a month dependent on the individual’s needs. Combining Reiki & Reflexology offer a totally relaxing and rebalancing experience, however a treatment plan may be structured using only one of these treatments during an individual’s session.

Treatments will start once you have removed your shoes and socks and are in a comfortable position. Blankets and towels are used to keep your feet warm whilst other areas of your body are receiving reiki. To begin, the therapist will gently place their hands on or over energy points along your body, down to your feet. Time may vary in length over different energy points depending on what is needed and down to the therapist’s intuition.

To warm the feet for reflexology a gentle massage will be used before working on the relevant reflex points. Both feet may be stimulated at the same time to encourage balance, alternatively one foot will be worked on to target specific areas that have been discussed during consultation. The treatment finishes with a relaxing reiki hold.

During treatment you may experience a sensation of heat, cold, tenderness, tingling or twitching at certain points as rebalancing occurs or more commonly, you may fall asleep.

At the end of the treatment you may feel totally relaxed, a deep sense of calm and well-being, a feeling of revitalisation or relief i.e. a cleared headache. Some may experience other symptoms (both physical and emotional) up to 24 hours after, as your body rebalances and detoxes i.e. tiredness, slight head ache or a cold, which are temporary. A common side effect is an increased number of visits to the toilet as reflexology encourages the elimination of toxins from the body so it is advisable to drink plenty of water after a session to assist the removal of toxins.

Contra-indications – There may occasionally be times when it is not suitable to provide a treatment for example; if someone has a temperature or fever, thrombosis, infectious illness or immediately after surgery. Please ask your therapist, midwife or GP if you have any concerns before treatment.

Note: Reiki & Reflexology sessions are not intended to give medical diagnosis or treatment, or to serve as a substitute for current or recommended medical care. Reflexologists do not claim to prescribe, diagnose or cure.

Reproductive Reiki Reflex FERTILITY JOURNEY testimonial


After a stressful year and two miscarriages I was feeling really negative about the future. It was suggested to me by a friend that going to see Ali for reflexology and reiki could help. I was sceptical, but thought it was worth a try. Ali was really easy to talk to from the very first time I met her, and after explaining my situation and everything I was feeling we got started on a mix of reiki and reflexology.

After a few sessions with Ali I found out I was pregnant for the third time! Ali supported me throughout all aspects of my pregnancy. She adjusted the therapy she gave me as I progressed through my pregnancy in accordance with how I was feeling and medical information from the hospital. I now have a beautiful baby girl!

I totally believe that the therapy given to me by Ali played a huge part in the success of my pregnancy and is one of the reasons I now have my baby! I can’t thank Ali enough and if there is anyone considering giving it a try, go for it! You have nothing to lose, but certainly a lot to gain!!! Xx

Reproductive Reiki Reflex FERTILITY JOURNEY testimonial


I met Ali by chance Aug/sept 2018 , I had lost two pregnancies under different circumstances and I was having a difficult time. My emotions, anxiety and stress levels were a little high , I was looking for something to help and meeting Ali couldn’t of come at a better time.

After my first consultation with Ali I thought I would never see her again as I off loaded a ton of things to her maybe a little too much but felt like I could trust her straight away with my feelings. Whether that is part of her job or not I have found her to be one of the most easiest to talk to and I know she is genuinely interested your wellbeing.

I had 6 consecutive weeks of 1 treatment a week of reiki and reflexology at the start and I could genuinely feel a difference after the first.
I have then continued to see Ali at least once a month or more as she has helped and supported me on my fertility journey up to Sept of this year (2019).

We were on the road to start IVF and I was going to continue with the holistic treatments alongside however we found out I was pregnant days before starting the injections.

I do believe the treatments I had with Ali have helped and played a significant part in getting me where I wanted to be and I am grateful that it happened naturally for us in the end. We now have a beautiful little boy.

I encourage anyone with any problems , fertility issues or concerns with their wellness to give the treatments a try.

I will certainly be making reiki and reflexology a part of my life going forward even if it’s for relaxation purposes and an hour of sleep.

Thank you Ali for everything I cannot thank you enough xxxxx


I look forward to my Reflexology sessions with Ali so much! I suffer with endometriosis and after a treatment with Ali, I feel relaxed and recharged again. The pain eases and I'm able to sleep so much better. Ali is so knowledgeable in regards to remedies and anything that may help mind/body. She made me a special cream to apply to my feet which worked a treat and smelt amazing. Ali concentrated on fertility reflexology and I fell pregnant a few months later (Ali also advised me to use the cream when I was experiencing leg pain during pregnancy which gave me some relief during night times). You're in good hands with's my special mummy treat and I can't wait for my next session