My aim is to provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life, encourage others to become aware of their own health and well-being and create a tailored made treatment plan for each individual. Rebalanceyou offers you time to relax your mind, kick start the body's natural healing ability and re-establish the mind-body connection.

Reflexology is a relaxing holistic treatment performed on the feet, hands or ears, based on ancient methods it aims to keep qi (energy) flowing through the body, keeping it balanced.

Reiki is translated from Japanese as ‘universal life energy’. The Reiki Master will use gentle hand placements on or over the body with the aim to rebalance this energy flow and allow you to experience a sense of deep relaxation.

Everyone’s fertility journey is different, we are all unique. Reproductive Reiki Reflex creates a tailored treatment plan for each couple or individual trying to conceive.

All Rebalanceyou treatments are aimed to rebalance the mind and body connections, to kick start your body’s natural ability to heal itself, allow you to become more aware of your own health and well-being and to be more balanced in our day to day life.