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My Aim

My aim is to provide relaxing treatments to help rebalance the mind, body & soul whilst encouraging clients to become aware of their own health and well-being. A thorough consultation allows us to establish reasons for treatment whether it is for a bit of me time, a monthly balance or specific health ailments. This is held in a comfortable and confidential environment as it is beneficial to understand any root causes that we are sometimes not aware of, but may need to be addressed. Together we create a tailored made treatment plan. Treatments provide a chance for each client to focus on themselves, giving their mind and body a chance to relax, kick starts its own natural healing ability and maintain a more balanced lifestyle
About me Ali

My Story

I was born in Brighton and gradually moved up the country to my home now in Manchester. A passion for travel has taken me to nearly 40 countries so far and given me a wealth of amazing adventures and experiences. It was on a beach in Malaysia in 2000, that I had my first reflexology treatment relieving my back pain and starting my interest in holistic therapies.
In Australia holistic therapy appeared in my journey again. I developed a form of CFS, this caused me to sleep during the day and I always needed an early night. On a friend’s suggestion I went to an energy healing session that blew my mind, after this amazing experience (feel free to ask when you see me) I was able to work all day and then party into the night! During further travels across India, Nepal, Cambodia and many others I became aware of many different cultures and spiritual ways, planting a seed in my mind.
Back in the UK I then worked in sales for 15 years and saw the stresses and pressures that today’s lifestyle can bring so I started Reiki training in 2013 and this allowed me the chance to view the world from a calmer place. I continued to Reiki Master in 2017 and have been lucky enough since then to train others and share this energy therapy. My belief and passion continued in my holistic studies and I achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology with advanced certificates in fertility, maternity, palliative and cancer care. I also qualified in Indian Head Massage and as a Meditation Practitioner.
I now use my experiences and training to treat others, offering an escape from today’s busy lifestyle and encouraging others to look at their own health and well-being, whilst providing a relaxing treatment to help rebalance, mind – body – soul. I am grateful to all my clients who share their stories with me, some of whom have been coming to see me for several years. It is heart-warming to hear when people report feeling less pain, feeling more in control, having more energy, less anxiety, destressed with reduced symptoms such as eczema or palpitations, improved sleep patterns and having a baby they thought they couldn’t have.
My professional development and research will always continue as every client is different and how they are affected by certain ailments varies. I continue learning through research, case studies and relationships with other professionals across both the holistic and medical worlds as I further develop my own protocols.
During 2019 I worked with many people with Chronic Fatigue Disorders including Fibromyalgia and MS seeing some of the life changing affects that complementary therapies can have.
I have specialised since 2019 in supporting clients with their Fertility journeys which led to the launch of Reproductive Reiki Reflex in 2020. I always look forward to continuing with my reproductive work and championing the benefits of Holistic Therapies for all.
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