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It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to Ali

I came to Ali broken and battle weary from four failed ivf cycles, seeking to try something new. Working with Ali through her reflexology and reiki sessions I not only explored, faced and “put to bed” my feelings of failure and disappointment, but learnt to believe in myself again, trust in my body and the process, and get into a much more positive mindset, facing the next couple of cycles from a position of strength in mind, body & soul. Cycle 5 saw more eggs collected than ever before, and 3 embryos frozen - something we had never achieved before. Cycle 6 saw the transfer of one of these embryos, and as I write this, I’m looking at my 10-week-old baby son feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am to Ali and feel it must have been fate that a traffic jam led me to notice her company sign one morning commute, and the rest, as they say, is history!


Expert skills, knowledge and advice

If it was not for my sessions with Ali and her expert skills, knowledge and advice on recommending clinical treatments I would probably not be able to write that we did manage to have a baby girl.

Mrs C

Ali is truly amazing

I was really suffering with my menopause. I felt like I was going insane, with hot flushes, weight gain and mood swings. I was recommended to go and see Ali. I went with an open mind and I wasn’t disappointed. Ali really listened whilst I explained my symptoms and made me feel like a person again. She recommended a session of reflexology and reiki which where amazing. I had several sessions and gradually saw an improvement in my menopause symptoms. Ali is truly amazing. Due to her, my health and more importantly my well-being has made me normal again.

Sarah B

my anxieties are much more bearable to deal wit

Having come to you for a reiki and reflexology session which was my first ever session, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was feeling very desperate for it to work as I think I was at my lowest point of my anxieties. During the session I couldn’t believe that my body went to (the only way I can describe was like I was in shock) but not in an alarming way. You made me feel very comfortable and safe and also like I wasn’t going crazy. The experience will definitely stay with me for life and I have already spoken openly to people about my own experience and recommended you to many people who seem to struggle with anxieties etc. Since my first session with you my anxieties are much more bearable to deal with. And my adrenaline- that constant shaky feeling has almost come to an end. I use the cream on my feet nightly. Keep doing what you’re doing Ali and thanks for helping me when I needed it the most.


I would highly recommend Ali

I have only been to Ali a few times. Only because I used to be so busy with work that I didn't have time for myself. Before covid I was fortunate to have taken early retirement at 50 & I had booked a session with Ali. I explained that I was constantly constipated and just not feeling well. No energy, lack of sleep etc. I'm going through the menopause too so put it down to that. Ali actually raised the fact an area on my feet pointed to my kidneys & said it was very tight there & I should get it checked out. Bizarrely, my GP became very concerned about my constipation & a test on my kidneys showed the level was under 40! Normal kidney function is 90! I have since had a full diagnosis and a colonoscopy. However, I would never underestimate her reflexology treatments. She is so warm & makes you feel so relaxed. You don't have to make 'small talk' she just concentrates on the importance of making you relaxed and delivering the best treatments for you. She doesn’t 'hard sell' products but I have used her recommendation for an oil to aid digestion. It does help. All in all, I don't usually write testimonials but I would highly recommend Ali x


Overall my experience was Fabulou

I had Reflexology and Reiki. I found these treatments very beneficial, Ali is so knowledgeable, puts you instantly at ease and explains your treatment, what to expect and how it will help you. Overall my experience was Fabulous, I saw Ali for a period of time while I was struggling with both physical and mental health issues. I would sometimes go to see her very wound up and at the end of the treatment I was so relaxed. I’ll definitely be returning post lockdown. It really helped with my anxiety and headaches that I was suffering from and over the course of my treatments I found my energy levels increase. Would you recommend this treatment to others - 100% ☺

Helen L

My overall health has improved

I have had reflexology and reiki treatments off Ali regularly over the last two years. From my perspective it has helped me both physically and mentally to get through a difficult period in my life. Ali has taught me techniques regarding relaxation, managing stress and an awareness of looking after myself and my body. A bit of "me" time. My overall health has improved generally which is why I have continued to see her regularly and certainly for me she helped with my aches and pains, managing my blood pressure and keeping me calm during a difficult period in my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mrs R

feel immediate benefit to my wellbeing

I have reiki and reflexology treatments with Ali and feel immediate benefit to my wellbeing. The treatments are amazing and really help ease my physical and emotional symptoms. Ali immediately puts you at ease with her gentle and professional approach, she guides you through the session providing a chance to step away from the day to day stresses. I absolutely love these treatments and would definitely recommend to others.

Julie M

These sessions helped me so mucH

A year after receiving an official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I started having Reflexology sessions with Ali on a fortnightly basis. These sessions helped me so much with both my physical and mental wellbeing. Immediately after a session, I felt calm, but empowered! I strongly believe that a large part of the success was not only the sessions themselves, but Ali's input and recommendations for daily life, including changes to diet, coping strategies etc. I always felt happy when Ali noticed a decrease in my stress levels and flow throughout my body - this meant it was working! I was then able to stretch out the time between sessions but I knew Ali was available if I felt I needed an extra boost. I always look forward to my sessions for a bit of me time, and catching up with Ali is great too! I would highly recommend her!

genuinely feel a difference

I met Ali by chance Aug/sept 2018 , I had lost two pregnancies under different circumstances and I was having a difficult time. My emotions, anxiety and stress levels were a little high , I was looking for something to help and meeting Ali couldn’t of come at a better time. After my first consultation with Ali I thought I would never see her again as I off loaded a ton of things to her maybe a little too much, but felt like I could trust her straight away with my feelings. Whether that is part of her job or not I have found her to be one of the easiest to talk to and I know she is genuinely interested your wellbeing. I had 6 consecutive weeks of 1 treatment a week of reiki and reflexology at the start and I could genuinely feel a difference after the first. I then continued to see Ali at least once a month or more as she has helped and supported me on my fertility journey up to Sept of this year. We were on the road to start IVF and I was going to continue with the holistic treatments alongside however we found out I was pregnant days before starting the injections. I do believe the treatments I had with Ali have helped and played a significant part in getting me where I wanted to be and I am grateful that it happened naturally for us in the end. We now have a beautiful little boy. I encourage anyone with any problems, fertility issues or concerns with their wellness to give the treatments a try. I will certainly be making reiki and reflexology a part of my life going forward even if it’s for relaxation purposes and an hour of sleep. Thank you Ali for everything I cannot thank you enough xxxxx


a huge part in the success of my pregnancy

After a stressful year and two miscarriages I was feeling really negative about the future. It was suggested to me by a friend that going to see Ali for reflexology and reiki could help. I was sceptical, but thought it was worth a try. Ali was really easy to talk to from the very first time I met her, and after explaining my situation and everything I was feeling we got started on a mix of reiki and reflexology. After a few sessions with Ali I found out I was pregnant for the third time! Ali supported me throughout all aspects of my pregnancy. She adjusted the therapy she gave me as I progressed through my pregnancy in accordance with how I was feeling and medical information from the hospital. I now have a beautiful baby girl! I totally believe that the therapy given to me by Ali played a huge part in the success of my pregnancy and is one of the reasons I now have my baby! I can’t thank Ali enough and if there is anyone considering giving it a try, go for it! You have nothing to lose, but certainly a lot to gain!!! Xx


I feel relaxed and recharged again

I look forward to my Reflexology sessions with Ali so much! I suffer with endometriosis and after a treatment with Ali, I feel relaxed and recharged again. The pain eases and I'm able to sleep so much better. Ali is so knowledgeable in regards to remedies and anything that may help mind/body. She made me a special cream to apply to my feet which worked a treat and smelt amazing. Ali concentrated on fertility reflexology and I fell pregnant a few months later (Ali also advised me to use the cream when I was experiencing leg pain during pregnancy which gave me some relief during night times). You're in good hands with's my special mummy treat and I can't wait for my next session


positive, uplifting experience

positive, uplifting experience


I feel like a new woman

The most amazing reiki/reflex combo treatment, I would highly recommend it! The perfect way to escape from my everyday stresses as well as reducing my kidney-pain. I feel like a new woman.


Ali is a very talented and knowledgeable therapist

I’ve loved my Reiki and Reflexology treatments with Ali. The two treatments work so well together and have not only been relaxing time out but also very beneficial to my health, showing me areas I can focus upon improving. Ali is a very talented and knowledgeable therapist, great treatments, Thank You!

Ali played a huge part in the success of my pregnancy

I totally believe that the therapy given to me by Ali played a huge part in the success of my pregnancy and is one of the reasons I now have my baby! I can’t thank Ali enough and if there is anyone considering giving it a try, go for it! You have nothing to lose, but certainly a lot to gain!!!


My life has completely changed due to the reiki & reflexology treatment

Since starting reiki & reflexology with Ali I have slept 6/7 hours a night & I have been so chilled I can’t remember the last time I was stressed out or cried. I started treatment in October for a combination of reiki & reflexology due to getting as little as an hour a night sleep, crying most days through exhaustion & stress. I thought reiki was load of rubbish & reflexology was my last chance at sleep as I had tried lotions, pills & potions.... how wrong was I. My life has completely changed due to the reiki & reflexology treatment I receive from Ali, even my children comment on how chilled I am. I can’t thank Ali enough, I only wish I’d gone to her sooner. I would recommend anyone suffering with lack of sleep, anxiety or stress to give the treatment a whirl because I promise you’ll never look back


A gifted servant of the universe

Genuine warmth and healing from a gifted servant of the universe. Great energy.



I felt very relaxed and fell asleep! Bolster support of shoulders was excellent, pressure just right, neck stress gone after reflexology treatment, excellent!


I have experienced Ali’s ‘magic’ for over a year

I have experienced Ali’s ‘magic’ for over a year - each time I see her she takes the time to listen to my worries, moans, aches and pains and treats me as though I am the most important person she has to deal with. I am unable to explain ‘how’ but every time I visit Ali I sleep sooo well and I am calmer and less stressed x She has taught me ‘ look after yourself then you can look after others’ I now see Ali as a friend x


I feel so much better in many ways

Been having Reiki and Reflexology sessions with Ali for last 12 months and feel so much better in many ways than when I started. I am reiki qualified myself and have been to several other practitioners over the years but would highly recommend Ali.


Each time it helped with my sleep

I have had several distant healing Reiki treatments with Ali and found each time it helped with my sleep. I fell asleep quicker and then for longer periods avoiding my regular 5/6 times waking up each night


I now feel in control of my body, more balanced and less anxious

Having experienced painful menstrual cycles and increased anxiety I now feel in control of my body, more balanced and less anxious. I maintain monthly treatments and am grateful to have been introduced to essential oils


So relaxing and calming

Loved my reflexology treatments!! So relaxing and calming, I felt like a new woman. Ali is very knowledgeable and I enjoy learning something new at each session. Thanks Ali


My treatments have always been very relaxing

Ali, a lovely, calming and knowledgeable person. My treatments have always been very relaxing and helped to ease the pain from my Plantar fasciitis as well as improving sleep patterns


One of the best!

I have had a lot of previous treatments, this one rated as one of the best!


A wonderful experience

I recently completed my Reiki 1 training with Ali and it has been a wonderful experience. I checked out a few different companies to start my training however was drawn to Ali as her personable professional and caring approach was just what I needed. I have learnt so much already and am now incorporating what I’ve learned into my daily regime. I cannot wait to continue with Reiki 2. Thank you so much